Comic Book Storage

Welcome to, the leading site for comic book storage solutions. Our goal is to help comic book hobbyists preserve the treasure the have collected over the years. Let’s face it, comic books while beautiful hot off the presses, were not designed for long term use. Don’t let father time win the battle. You can take action today to preserve your comic book collection without spending a fortune. Browse the various and inexpensive preservation options offered throughout to find the best solution for your collection.

It is time to stop storing your comic books on your bookshelves. Sunlight, oxidation, moisture, and dust will take their toll and soon fade your favorite issues. If you have a large collection we have bulk storage options to meet your needs.’s goal is to help keep your comic book collection efficiently sorted, preserved, and stored in a manner that will maximize your resale value and long term enjoyment. Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Our storage solutions range from comic books bags to boxes. Not all comics are printed in the same size so let us help you find the right sized slip bags for your favorite DC, Marvel, or other episodes. A simple plastic casing with backing board inserted behind the book has proven to extend the mint condition lifetime by an order of magnitude. No other investment can match the ROI of this simple procedure made available by supplies from that will probably cost you less than what you will spend at Starbucks this week. Comic books boarded & bagged will also help you store them more efficiently.

Comic Book Transport
For those of you who are done reading your comic books and don’t plan to show them off anytime soon, our storage boxes will provide a sturdy long term storage option that are easy to transport. Our storage boxes come in various sizes to accommodate your needs. Whether you have a modest collection of 50 comic books or a massive 500+ comic book collection, or range of boxes have you covered.’s boxes are pre-screened for quality so that you can rest assured that you will be able to stack them on top of each other. Normal cardboard boxes don’t offer the required support so be forwarned that home based attempts with you re-purposed Amazon boxes may leave your precious Superman collector’s edition comics dents, frayed, or mangled.

If you have a high termite risk in your geography we also offer corrugated plastic comic book storage options. While more expensive, plastic will help you rest at night if your comics age in a dark damp place such as an attic or crawl space.

Comic Book Cabinets
Check out the YouTube video to the right for the ultimate comic book storage and display solution. You don’t have to go all out like that guy if you don’t have the budget. We offer several file cabinet solutions if you prefer them over boxes. If you need frequent access the comics this is definitely easier than storing them in boxes. Comic Book Cabinets also offer a moderate degree of fire protection. Used 4 drawer metal file cabinets can be found for as low as $40 on your local Craigslist.

Comic Book Binding
If you are place more importance on showing off your collection rather than resale value, you may want to consider binding your comic books into hardcopy volumes. Doing this can drastically reduce the value of mint condition limited edition comics so pursue it with caution. The finished product of a hard bound series of your favorite comic serious would be super cool to display at special events like ComicCon. Pricing varies greatly for this service but it is recommended not to undertake this by yourself.