Battle Chasers

Welcome comic book enthusiasts to this Battle Chasers fansite. Battle Chasers was a comic book series drawn by Joe Madureira.  Although the series was abandoned many years ago, Joe remains one of the best anime/manga artists around. Battle Chasers is a Dungeons and Dragons type comic book series with a cult following. The story line revolves around 5 characters that randomly meet and join forces. During their adventures they encounter some of the most evil villains around.

9 year old Gully, whose father vanished mysteriously, left behind a pair of magical gloves. A warrior princess named Red Monika tries to enlist Garrison, a master swordsman who is haunted by the death of his wife, to assist in freeing a prisoner. Red Monika accidentally releases 4 extremely powerful villains during the breakout attempt. Garrison is able to overcomes his sorrow for his wife and joins Gully, the wizard Gnolan, and the tall War Golem named Calibretto to stop the villains’ rampage. Continue to follow this epic saga.

Battle Chasers Characters:

battle chasers gully Gully – 9 year old girl with a magical gift.

battle chasers garrison Garrison – Master swordsman who has vowed to never use his sword again.

battle chasers red monica Red Monika – Ruthless bounty hunter. She is deadly and beautiful.

battle chasers gnolan Gnolan – Powerful and grumpy mage.

battle chasers cal Calibretto – War Golem from a time long ago with robot & magic attributes.

Battle Chasers comics are no longer in print and quickly becoming a highly sought after collectors item. You can buy comic books and find the few available remaining copies in our online store.  Feel free to strike up a Battle Chasers thread in comic book or anime forums.  Anime fans check out these sites to learn the latest Itachi Uchiha or Strawhat Luffy news.