Smiling Through the Tears

Thoughts on James Reddington and Mike Wieringo from an anonymous fan:

Welcome back dear readers of! May your discerning choice of online comic review goodness bring you everlasting peace of mind! But enough with the formalities.

This month’s column marks a time for sober reflection. In an unscheduled change to my initial planned feature, I’m going to be serious for a moment…oh, but there’s still some comic fun to be had! I never forget the fun…

A month ago I received the incredibly sad news that fellow UK comic creator, James Reddington, had passed away from heart failure at the tender age of 28. James was one of the nicest guys working within the Independent scene in England. I first met him in 2004 and was immediately taken aback by his positivism, his energy and his passionate love for this medium. James was a prolific writer, press activist, reviewer and columnist, but above all else he was a really, REALLY nice guy.

Barely a month later and another ridiculously well meaning creator, Mike Wieringo, died aged 44. Once again from untimely heart failure. Wieringo was an artistic tour de force, summoning a sense of unbridled love and fun in every panel and page. His passing has dealt a tender blow to the brighter side of our dear industry, and for me, the loss of a inspirational story teller.

The web and press worlds, on two very different scales, have filled with tributes to the joy and positive energy of both these absent peers. Perhaps most tellingly they have both been celebrated as paragons of fun; a sense of raw wonderment and pleasure ever captured within their work. It is this posthumous energy that caused me to reflect on the nature of Death within the sequential world, and more importantly it’s reaffirming impact on life. To this end I want to take a closer look at the work that Mike would probably best like to be remembered for…the tragic, heartfelt and heroic ‘TELLOS’.